Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need a Lawyer?

A lawyer is the person licensed by your state to pursue a claim or right you may be entitled to after an injury to your person or your property. Civilized society recognizes that the protection of your rights must be treated by a professional and licensed individual who is legally and ethically accountable to you. While a person may take on the challenge of bringing a claim, it is often a challenge that is too much to handle and therefore an attorney should be consulted.

What is a civil right?

People have rights that come from the laws established by our Country, states and cities. A civil right can be a Constitutional right that makes an official of the government accountable to that citizen. A civil right is one that protects a person in his bodily integrity and his property. It protects the person and the person's property from unreasonable contact by the government.

What is the limit of police authority?

Police are given authority under the law to enforce the law. The parameters of that authority is limited to reasonable and Constitutional conduct. When a police officer exceeds his authority it is said that he has abused his authority.

What is police misconduct?

Where the conduct of an officer is carried out without the authority or justification accorded the officer by the Constitution or laws under which he operates then his conduct may constitute misconduct.

Do I really have a right to remain silent?

Yes, you really have a right to remain silent. However, this right is only invoked when the officer asks questions which might tend to incriminate you. In other words, it is not a right to remain silent to a question that would not otherwise implicate you in a possible crime.