Areas of Practice

Civil Rights

A civil right is a right given you by the Government. It is created by the Constitutions of the country and your state. It is a right that is guaranteed and is enforceable against the Government and an employee charged with carrying out a service such as police, fire, ambulance transport, other public transport or any kind of public service. The right is violated when the Government or its officials and employee perform their service in an unreasonable fashion.

Personal Injury

A personal injury is a harm or loss to your personal physical or emotional well being as a result of another's unreasonable behavior. Society expects people to behave toward each other in a reasonable non negligent or non deliberate manner. When a person receives an injury due to the improper conduct of another person, the law allows the injured person to bring a claim against the offending person in a court of law.

Police Misconduct

If the conduct of an officer is carried out without the authority or justification accorded the officer by the Constitution or laws under which he operates, then his conduct may constitute misconduct.

Wrongful Death

Wrongful death involves an injury due to the fault of another whose conduct results in the death of a person. The loved ones who survive are entitled to recovery against the person or entity causing the death for loss of companionship, society and economic support.


Probate involves the control of a person or person's property interest at a time, through illness or death, the person is not able to manage his own affairs.

Dog Bites

Dogs and some other animals by law must be licensed and regulated. Their owners are subject to claims where their negligence in containing or controlling the animal causes injury or harm to another.

Auto Accidents

Auto negligence involves the negligent operation of a motor vehicle. The laws in the state require a person to at all times be in control of his/her vehicle. Where a traffic law is violated causing injury or harm to another due to the fact that the driver fails to be in control of his/her vehicle the injured person is entitled to recovery for pain and suffering and for other losses, such as wages, loss of services, chore services, attendant care and other related losses.

Catastrophic Injury

A catastophic injury is a permanently disabling injury that can be caused through the negligent conduct of another person. The nature of such an injury requires just compensation that is extraordinary in order to fairly and fully restore the disabled person to an appreciable quality of life.

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